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About Us


The Black Squirrel Woodworking Company
is owned and operated by
the Charles F. Higgins Family of Kent, Ohio

A love of woodworking and a desire to make quality wood products have inspired us to open our workshop to the public. We have high standards that are reflected in our workshop philosophy guiding us to provide quality products and services to you, our customers.

At the present time, each product that we offer has some family connection.  Grandma sews wonderful quilts.  Grandpa plays chess, now that fishing is a pleasant memory.  But, as his fishing gear is lovingly passed down, how do we show it off?  Our sons Jon, Bryan, and Tom play golf.  Tom is a chef and Jim is into barbeques.  Our daughters Lauren, Shelly, Kim, and Lanita and our eight grandchildren (Taylor, Kyle, Morgan, Logan, Maddie, Chase, Cole, And Bekkah) inspire the games.  We love gardening, bird-watching, the antics of our squirrels, and of course woodworking.

As for the squirrels, you might ask "Why the name?"  Well, our home and workshop are located in Kent, Ohio.  Back in the early 1950s, the Superintendent of Maintenance at Kent State University, Mr. Larry Woodell, brought back about a dozen pair of Black Squirrels from Canada and released them on campus.  They have adapted well, and "modified" their appearance somewhat since that time. They have also spread across Northeast Ohio and into Pennsylvania.  Our garden is visited regularly by the descendants of those original black squirrels.  We have black squirrels but also gray squirrels with black stripes, black with gray tails, brown with black markings and numerous variations.  Our favorite looks somewhat like a raccoon!  Hmmm!  We call him or her (?) "Mr. Pants" because of his sleek black top and his furry brown bottom (pants). These squirrels are industrious and creative while always keeping a sense of humor and playfulness about them.  You might say that they are our role models.

The Black Squirrel Woodworking Company handcrafts quality solid wood products in our workshop that are great gift ideas for all occasions or just a special treat.  We only use the finest quality hardwood and hardware in handcrafting our products and are confident that you will take pride in your purchase.

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